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Samsung S22 Case

Luxury Samsung S23 Ultra Outdoor Case Doom Armor Cover Galaxy S23 Plus Shockproof Metal Aluminum 360 Full Body Bumper + Screws

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$22.80 USD
Обычная цена
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$22.80 USD

Luxury Outdoor Case Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Doom Armor Cover S23 Plus

Shockproof Dustproof Metal Aluminum 360 Full Body Bumper + Screws

Heavy Duty Rugged Tough Phone Case

 * Material: Aluminum Alloy+Silicone Cover

* Color: Black / Red / Silver

* Weight: 170-250 grams

* Features: Heavy Duty 360 Full Protection Metal Aluminum Case

  Support Wireless Charging



Samsung S23 \ S23 Plus With Built-in Tempered Glass;
For ( S23 Ultra with extra glass)